the concept

Wider at the base and more tapered at the top, Solaris is a landmark thanks to its distinctive façade and design created by the renowned architect Bernard Mallat.


A contemporary statement

One of the first eco-friendly tower in the heart of Ashrafieh, Solaris is luxury within your reach.

The architecture stylishly combines contemporary boldness with futuristic touches. Rectangular shapes protrude and overlap to create a modern-day mosaic. Attractive patches of greenery add life and color. An interplay of positive and negative space create eye-catching intrigue.

Distinction is in the details

Solaris is built to anti-seismic standards with a raft foundation, reinforced concrete frames, post-tensioned concrete, and construction admixtures and additives. Safe, solid and resistant, the tower embodies long-lasting peace of mind.

Solaris boasts many smart living specs. A water well, double glazed glass, fire rated French oak veneered wood main entrance doors, ceramic tiling imported from Europe and acrylic emulsion paint are just some of the details that make the world inside Solaris inviting and prestigious. Visitor’s parking and additional parking for residents add more convenience. And 21st century living reaches new heights with provisions for KNX EIB home automation so you can easily transform your apartment into a smart home.


For the future and the present

Solaris is a triumph of green design and eco-friendly features. Rain water is harvested to water the greenery.

Clean energy is used in the gas boilers. Photovoltaic panels use sunlight to generate all the electricity used for the common areas’ grid to minimize energy consumption. Low E Glazing keeps apartments warm in winter and cool in summer, reducing the need for heating and air conditioning.

The elevators are eco-friendly and hence need don’t needlessly waste electricity. All these features come together to create a brighter future.

Where green design meets chic